“The Next Best Thing”

Yesterday, I was up in the middle of the night with Peter and didn’t think I couldn’t get out of bed. My goal was simply: get the kids off to school! If that’s all I did during the day I’d be proud of it!

Then Lily made this big mess. In my head popped one of my favorite quotes from Frozen 2: When one can see no future, all one can do is the next best thing.

So I swept and mopped the floor, I’ve been meaning to mop for days so now was as good of time as any. Then I had to vacuum so the dirt from the front room wouldn’t track into my nice clean kitchen floor. And having a clean home put me in a good mood so I played a game with my kids, multiple times during the day which put me into a better mood. We went to the park, took the kids to some stores and had a date night!

My day had turned from, “this is going to be the worst day ever” to actually being a great day! And all of it came from some broken eggs on the floor and me choosing to do the next best thing! It was such a great lesson for me to learn: I can choose to have the day I want to and momentum goes a long way!

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