About Us

When we had our first child less than a year after we got married, we would never have guessed that in 10 years, we’d have 10 kids in total. But, here we are 10 kids, 9 of them boys with 2 sets of back to back twins, both a fraternal and an identical set.

Cassanda is a homemaker in training. She has spent the last several years learning how to raise a whole jumble of kids. She’s learned how to cook, clean, feed and care for our entire little ecosystem. She is the one that keeps the family running smoothly and everyone happy.

Jacob is a product designer with degrees in mechanical engineering. At the beginning of 2019 he started a business to try and use his skill to help families through family oriented product design and sales of those designs. He is the one that likes to add a little crazy into the mix.

In order, we have:

Steven, Christopher, William, Ryan, Spencer, Max, Thomas, Henry, Lily and Peter.

While it is hard much of the time, we have found a way to enjoy life, start a new business and spend quality time with these beautiful children.

This is our life, the crazy, the tiring, the emotional and most of all, the wonderful.

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