Weekly Update Christmas Week Edition

Sunday, December 19th

Happy Sunday before Christmas! All the stars aligned and we were ready fast enough to take a picture before church! 😍 Not early enough for a family picture though, and Jacob was just fine with that! 😄

Today I came to grips with my poor mental health as of late. I’ve felt it coming on and getting worse over the last week or two, and I’ve already made an appointment to talk to my doctor.

I asked Jacob if he had any advice for me. Should I just buck up and just do and be better!? Or give myself grace and accept the survival mode state we find ourselves in.

His response? I don’t know. I wish I could help you, but I’m not good at this either. We decided it’s like I’m stuck knee deep in quick sand and asking Jacob how to get out. Except Jacob is stuck in the quick sand up to his neck, so he clearly has no idea! 🥴

Thinking about all of this tonight and with Christmas coming up has actually brought me peace.

Because I have my Savior to lean on, I know we’ll be ok.

Because that little babe was born so many years ago, I know we’ll figure this out. With Him.

I’m not broken or weak, but when I turn to Him, I’ll receive the strength I need.

This holiday season, or life, might not look like I thought it would. But because of Jesus Christ, we’ll figure out a way to feel the love and see the joy that still exists all around us, even if it’s harder to feel these days.

Monday, December 20th

This morning I was listing off situations that bring me joy. One of them is being in nature with my children, it fills my soul worth peace and joy.

Lately I haven’t taken my kids to play outside, because it’s cold and I just don’t have the time or energy for it. Well today I made it a priority and I’m so glad I did! The kids had a blast and I enjoyed soaking up some much needed Vitamin D!

Tuesday, December 21

Jacob’s the true champion today! Last week we talked about what we’d do each day this week and today we decided to take the kids out, one group with mint and another with Jacob, to get sibling gifts. It was the thing Max wanted most this Christmas.

As luck would have it, Spencer and William threw up in the night. They are both feeling fine now, but it put a kink in our plans. I stayed home with the sick and little kids, doing laundry to try and get this big out of our house as fast as I can. And Jacob took two groups of 3 kids to some thrift stores, where they got to pick out a gift for their siblings. I think everyone’s going to love what they will get, they had a good time with their dad, and Jacob is officially exhausted!

Wednesday, December 22nd

Friends, the stars aligned and I felt better today!

I helped the boys clean their rooms, I’ve been trying to do that since Monday. I chatted with my sister, and then got to go on a glorious date with Jacob, while his parents had the kids over for a kids Christmas party.

Jacob and I thrifted, walked around the mall, went to dinner, and then finished it off with a Costco and Target run, because we’re parents and errands alone is glorious. It was all exactly what I needed, a cleaner home and quality time with Jacob!  I am feeling so very thankful! 

Thursday, December 23rd

This picture makes me laugh and is fairly accurate of my emotions today.

There were some good moments: showing myself I had the strength to work out, taking the kids to the park, giving blood and beating my record (I did it in 3 minutes 46 seconds!), and going on a date with Jacob.

…And yet there was just a sense of glum next to me for most of it. It wasn’t overpowering, but just there. Like when you look at this picture, your eye goes to Ryan and Lily and their joy first. Then you notice Spencer and Max’s depressed expressions. Overall today was good….with a side of meh.

Friday, December 24th

What a good exhausting Christmas Eve! We started off the day cleaning, while I exercised because my mental health wasn’t great, then we went thrift shopping and grabbed an ice cream cone. After naps, we went to Jacob’s parents house for dinner and fun with cousins. After looking at Christmas lights on the way home, we cleaned up then the kids settled in downstairs.

One of the kids favorite traditions is getting to stay up as late as they want on Christmas Eve. This year Lily and Peter joined them, and we put a mattress at the bottom of the stairs so they couldn’t come up and open everyone’s gifts. While everyone is downstairs and out of the way, Jacob and I set up everything for Christmas as quickly as possible, so we can go to bed! 😉🙌🏼 Merry Christmas to everyone tomorrow!

Saturday, December 25th

Merry Christmas from our crazy family to yours! ❤️

I feel like our day was split into Christmas morning, that was pretty great, and just a regular day, that wasn’t really that great. Here’s some highlights from the great part of the day, may this be what we remember when we look back on today!

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