When Intentions don’t Pan Out

I wanted today to be spiritual and memorable and wonderful. I had all the good intentions. But reality showed tired parents needing naps and emotional children displacing that emotion on each other.

I had a breakdown because I was so far away from reaching my intentions and I couldn’t see a way to get my family where I wanted us to be. Jacob gave me a hug, told me it was going to be ok, and told me to take a shower. I complied.

In the shower I realized the whole point of this day, of everyday, is to come to Christ. Jesus Christ is the way we are able to take our feeble offering and with His help reach to the higher planes we do long to be.

And I came out to find this beautiful sight! My husband and my 8 oldest children, the younger two were sleeping, singing songs of Jesus. I had had this imagine of how today would pan out and it wasn’t even close to happening, but what did happen was beauty. It was love and peace and everything I wanted to feel. Christ took my weak heart and broken attempts and turned it into something memorable. And that is one reason why I love and will always seek Jesus Christ.

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