Working on My Self Image (Part 1)

For years I’ve wanted to have a healthy self imagine, to love myself for just being me. But for years what I thought of myself was mostly what I thought where else thought of me. This year I decided was the year I’d put the time and energy into learning who I am and why that’s enough. Here’s the first party of what I’ve learned so far.

Worst Day Ever

I’m pretty sure the world hates me.  Today I got up and got ready for work.  When I went outside, I saw our next-door neighbor

Our Tips to Survive Covid-19

What a weird weird time to be alive right now, especially as a mom. How do I help my children feel safe and secure when there is so much unknown in the world. How can I, as a mom, help my children with their school work on top of the emotional concern on top of keeping up with the house work and all the meals!?