Focusing on our Strengths instead of Weaknesses

Why is it as mothers, women, or really humans, we tend to focus only on what we are lacking instead of what’s going well!?

Why is it I just feel bad that I keep eating treats!? Why does my brain choose to focus on the one aspect that I’m not doing particularly well at instead of all the good I’m doing!? Looks like I need to do a better job at creating the narrative I want in my head instead of what’s there now!

Because really, we’re doing pretty good! We’re doing school from home with 6 kids and completing all the tasks. There’s a feeling of joy and fun in our home pretty consistently. When my children look back at this moment in time, I think they’ll remember time spent with family; playing so many games, playing outside, and enjoying each other. They won’t remember the scared feelings that are so prevalent in our world right now, they’ll remember love and family. And that’s something to be proud of!

If the only bad thing that comes from us helping the world by distancing ourselves is me gaining a few pounds, I’m ok with that! And really I’m trying to make time to exercise and eating right the majority of the time, so really is me eating a few cookies that bad!?

Once again it looks like I need to choose to focus on my strengths and give less attention to my weaknesses. Maybe this will help me make better choices when the time comes, I’m not sure. But I am sure it will help me feel more confident and help my mental state which I know will help me in all aspects of my life.

Does anyone have a great way to help change your internal narrative!? I’d love to hear them. My plan is to be more consistent with daily affirmations and changing my thoughts when I catch them moving in that direction, do you do anything else!?

1 thought on “Focusing on our Strengths instead of Weaknesses

  1. I struggle with negative internal narrative. My 2 favorite phrases are “Change the Channel” and “Kill The Ants”
    Change the channel comes from Carol Tuttle.
    Kill the A.N.T.S. comes from Dr. Daniel Amen. It stands for “Automatic Negative Thoughts Syndrome,” which I sometimes have.

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