Farewell February, Hello March

Dear February,

I went into you with a lot of hope and promise. You are the month of love and my birthday, you were going to be great.

Except you were hard. The hardest month in a long while. We had moments when I wasn’t sure how we were going to get through the next hour let alone the next day or week. You were hard for others and I gave my all to them and found myself with nothing left. You never seemed to let up with the stress and anxiety.

And yet as I say goodbye and enter March I see that while you were hard you also taught me valuable lessons:

  • You taught me to take care of myself. You taught me that when I make time for myself in the morning it will pay in extra love and patience to my loved ones throughout the day.
  • I also learned when life feels out of control I don’t have to turn to food like in the past. Yes it might feel good in the moment, but I’m better than that. I know other ways to deal with stress, and when I use them I’m happier.
  • And you taught me that we are strong. I’m strong. My marriage is strong. My children are strong. We might feel weak in the moment but we survived and we’ll keep surviving and hopefully one day thrive again.

So thank you February. Thank you for not breaking us but testing us and helping us be stronger. I still would never want to repeat you, but I’m thankful for what you’ve done for us.

Sincerely, Cassanda

Dear March,

We have faith in what you hold and we can’t wait try out our lessons from February on you. And maybe you’ll let us catch our breath!? That would be great thanks,


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