Worst Day Ever

I’m pretty sure the world hates me.  Today I got up and got ready for work.  When I went outside, I saw our next-door neighbor and went over to talk to him.  As I got closer, he backed away from me.  I could have gotten past this except that this was only the beginning.

On my way to work, I stopped off to grab some breakfast at McDonalds, when I got out of my car, and tried to go inside, I was waved away by the employees.  I know they weren’t closed, because plenty of people were going through the drive thru.

When I arrived at work, the doors were locked.  I called my boss and he asked me why I was there, like I wasn’t supposed to come to work anymore.  Then he told me to just go home. This was pretty upsetting.  Just like that I had lost my job and had no explanation.  I started to head home, but was feeling down, so I thought I would run some errands.

I first stopped off at my doctor’s office to get a prescription refilled.  When I went inside, they made me wash my hands and told me I needed to be wearing a mask but didn’t provide me with one.  I’m not even sick.  I even tried to go deposit my paycheck at the bank, and no one would let me in there either. 

Since I hadn’t been able to eat yet, I stopped off at Walmart to pick up a few things.  When I went in, I was told to stay away from other shoppers.  The greeter was even rude enough to tell me not to touch anything unless I was going to buy it, like I was some kind of a thief.  Since we were on our last roll of toilet paper, I went to pick some up, but there wasn’t any to be seen.  I asked about it, and the worker treated me like I was dumb when I asked how they could possibly be all out.

By the time I got home, I was feeling pretty down, why was every treating me so poorly. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that it wasn’t just me that was being mistreated, but my whole family.  My wife told me another neighbor had also backed away from here when she went over to talk, and even worse, my kids weren’t allowed to go to school anymore.  They had to stay at home because they didn’t want them around any of the other kids or the teachers.

It was about this time that I got a text from my boss asking me why I wasn’t at the weekly meeting that had started 10 minutes before.  Well, let’s see, I was locked out of the office and told to go home, why do you think? I texted back that I was sorry I was late and would join them quickly.  I raced back to work.  On my way back, I was pulled over by a policeman.  He asked me where I was going and when I told him I was headed off to work, he wanted to know if it was essential.  I told him, of course it was essential.  How else did he think I was going to make money?

I arrived back at work just as confused as can be and found, to my disappointment, that the door was still locked.  Was someone at work playing some cruel trick on me? About that time, I got another text from my boss asking where I was. I told him that I was there, but no one was answering. He said not to bother since the zoom meeting was about over anyway. I must really be fired this time. Here we have a new project called Zoom, and no one thought to tell me about it.

At this point, I was completely confused. What was going on? On the way home, I stopped off at the grocery store and guess what, no toilet paper.  And no one seemed to think that was odd.  Was there someone driving around buying up toilet paper to prevent me from getting any? This was insane.

By the time I finally got home, I figured work was a wash and decided to take the kids to the park since they didn’t seem to have anything to do either.  This would also allow my wife to go get a haircut. When we got to the park, I took the kids over to the playground and was quickly told by some rude woman that my kids weren’t allowed to play on the playground.  I can handle people treating me badly, but treating my kids that way was not ok with me.

The kids and I got home, and I was getting pretty stressed. I told my wife, who had not been allowed to get a haircut, that if it wasn’t for our friends coming to visit that night, I wouldn’t be able to make it.  My wife told me that, unfortunately our friends had cancelled, without explanation.  They seemed to think we knew why they weren’t coming, but we couldn’t think of anything we had done to upset them.  I knew I needed some sort of social interaction, so I started inviting over other friends and even some of my family members.  No one would come.

My kids were getting restless, and by this time, school was out, so we sent them out to go play at their friend’s houses.  One by one they all came back with the same story; their friends weren’t allowed to play. I didn’t understand why everyone was treating us this way.

I knew we need to go out as a family for some cheering up.  Everyone was feeling pretty sad.  We tried to go to a movie, they wouldn’t let us in.  We tried to go to an arcade, same problem.  We even tried to go to dinner, but people kept locking the doors.  We finally went home in disgrace.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Saturday.  I’m so depressed, I don’t think I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow.  The one silver lining is that the day after tomorrow is Sunday and we will at finally have somewhere we can go.  No one gets turned away from church.

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  1. BEST Corona article.
    Humorously captures the real feeling many of us had around the time of 16-20.
    Cancellation Sensation.

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