What Messages Am I Allowing?

Can I tell you a secret that I recently learned? I mean I should have known this before, but it didn’t really click until about a week ago.

I wasn’t feeling satisfied with my life. Let me rephrase that, I was never satisfied with MYSELF in my life. I always thought I should be doing more or being more, and at the end of the day, even if it was a good day, I had a list of what I needed to do better.

A few weeks ago I had the thought to decrease my time on my phone, I would still get it on it but only during certain times of the day. That week I felt so good, my days were not perfect but at the end I felt satisfied with how they went.

The following week I was lax again with my screen time, not thinking anything of it, but felt horrible about my self and my days again. It took a week or two of this to realize that it was the amount of time spent on my phone that was making all the difference!

The world is filled with small messages that tell me I’m just not enough, and my phone is my portal to the world. When I gave myself time to just be in silence, I gave the Spirit a chance to fill my mind with messages that I am enough, that my life is beautiful, and I’m contributing to the beauty in the world.

I was blocking the positive messages from Heaven with  negative messages or messages that weren’t necessarily bad but were taking up space in my mind and heart.

If you are feeling blah with yourself or your life, take some time away from the internet, from your phone, and fill that time instead with interactions with loved ones, reading a book, getting out in nature, or just being still. It’s amazing how big of a difference it has made in my overall well-being!

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