Week Update beginning December 5th, 2021

Sunday, December 5th

It’s these moments I want to remember.

Did this last only a minute before kids were teasing, not listening, or disappearing? Yes.

But it happened. All my loves around this beautiful table, laughing at their funny father, on a normal Sunday night.  And it’s these everyday type moments I want to remember always.

I have enough close friends who would give anything to have their loved ones doing ordinary things with them once again. I know I’m not guaranteed anything.

So this is me reminding myself to take the picture, take the video, be in the moment, take it in my heart and hold on. Because “big love happens in the small moments.”

Monday, December 6th

This is Thomas.
Thomas gets frustrated when things do not go his way.
While waiting in the van, Thomas was reading a new book to me. The last page had a handful of new words that he was trying to figure out and needed his focus.
Unfortunately, Thomas had 3 younger siblings in the van who were not perfectly quiet.
This is the position Thomas went into when I wouldn’t let him run out of the van or throw his book out the window, which would’ve hit the man next to us.
Don’t worry though, Thomas cooled down shortly after and became good friends with said siblings for the rest of the day!

Tuesday, December 7th

I took this picture this morning to remember this beautiful peaceful moment. Now I’m at the end of the day and I find it a bit comical. (But also I still really love it!)

It’s funny because tonight I sat in that same room and cried because everything felt out of control. The house was too messy, the kids weren’t doing their chores good enough, no one was listening to me when I gave any sort of direction, and I believe the last straw was a homework problem I didn’t understand! (Mostly because I didn’t read the instructions, once I did, I understand what Max had done.)

Thankfully I’ve been working on acknowledging my emotional and mental state and figuring out how to help myself in those moments. Today I did the following to help get myself out of the many funks I felt throughout the day:

I exercised this morning.

I changed back into my “let’s do this” clothes and turned up the music to clean up the kitchen half way through the day. (That somehow got messed up again after dinner…)

I said no to a fun neighborhood party, because although I know we would’ve had so much fun, I knew I wasn’t mentally or emotionally capable of taking my tiny army there.

I took breaks in the bathroom where I breathed deeply and tried to figure out how to best move forward.

I called for help multiples times tonight. I’ve learned to ask Jacob for help when I need it, and tonight he came to my rescue more than once!

I guess I’m just grateful and proud of the progress I’ve made over the last year or so. Before something like tonight would’ve ended in an early bedtime for the kids, because Jacob and I just couldn’t deal, and I would’ve spend the rest of the night in bed on the verge of tears. Instead, tonight I took a break, asked for help, took deep breaths, and then continued on with the plan of a Christmas movie with treats. And you know I love snuggling with my kids and watching a movie with all my favorite people in the same room! So really everyone won tonight!

Wednesday, December 8

Tonight we got to listen to Steven play the clarinet in his Jr. High concert band. He said he had fun, his parents and grandparents thought he did a fantastic job, and my momma heart burst with pride watching him up there!

Thursday, December 9th

It snowed all day and my kids were so excited! There wasn’t a lot, but enough to make small snowmen, throw snowballs, and wreck each other’s snowmen…aww brotherly love!

Friday, December 10th

This is now one of my favorite pictures! The happiness on everyone’s face is so priceless to me!

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