I’m Not Giving Up

“I’m not givin’ up
I’m not givin’ up, givin’ up, no, not me
Even when nobody else believes
I’m not goin’ down that easily
So don’t give up on me”

I used to listen to this song a lot when I was pregnant with Peter. I’d sing my heart out to him and his older siblings, because I knew I wasn’t my best but that I’d eventually come around.

Tonight I needed a pick me up while doing dishes, so I started listening to songs that pump me up. When this song came on I sang my heart out again, but this time around to myself.

I’ve been learning how to eat intuitively. I’ve been taking note as to why I often emotionally eat, and learning strategies to help fuel my body better.

Today was not my best though, I knew I should’ve been making different choices and yet kept making the same old mistakes.

When the song come on, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Don’t give up on me body, I’ll get there I promise, because I won’t give up on you!

Tomorrow is a new day, and new habits take time and effort. I can do this! Progress, not perfection!

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