Motherhood is a Relationship

Motherhood is a relationship.

I’ve heard this statement multiple times over the past few months, but I never understood what it meant in my life until the other day.

I’m a good mom. When you take away all the stress and overwhelmed emotions about the tasks I need to do around the house or other obligations I have, I really enjoy my children.

I am patient, silly, loving, fun, and caring, when I strip everything away to just the relationship I have with my children.

A couple weeks ago I told Jacob I’m rarely content with my life, I’m always thinking I need to be doing more. But this week, I’ve felt joy and contentment.

When I think back on this past week, yes I struggled with being patient and loving at times. But the overall feeling I’ve felt is peace.

Peace in knowing I’m enough for my children. I may not be the best nutritionist, house cleaner, or teacher for my children, but what I have to offer is exactly what they need from me.

“Motherhood is a relationship” has made all the difference for me this week. If you are struggling with motherhood, I pray that you too will focus more on your relationship with your children and less on the external activities we often tie to motherhood.

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