Look for the Beauty

Here’s the thing, there’s beauty everywhere.

There’s beauty in the world we live in. Like really, take a moment and look and the natural beauties this earth has to offer. It’s mind-blowing.

There’s beauty in relationships we’ve created. There’s nothing like a hard time to see the beauty of friends and family coming to lift you however they can.

There’s beauty in humanity. Yes there’s a lot of negativity floating around in all humans, BUT there’s so much beauty in the hearts of people who are searching for and creating love.

And there’s beauty in children. Children are inherently filled with joy and love and so willing to share it generously.

I’m grateful for all the beauty I’ve I noticed today: from the beautiful scenery of our park, to seeing the goodness of people both near me and strangers far away, thinking of the many people who have my back if ever I were to ask, and snuggling and playing with my children and really taking the time to appreciate the unique spirit each has.

When life gets heavy look for the beauty all around.

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