What to do when You Lose Momentum

They say the key to changing or creating a habit is momentum. At first it’s hard but the more you do it the less you have to think of it and it becomes second nature. I started a few new habits in January: early morning meditation, scripture study, writing goals and gratitude for the day, and then exercise and self control throughout the day. I was going strong, creating momentum and liking how these new habits were seemingly helping me throughout the day.

A week ago I realized no matter how I tried I wasn’t yet out of survival mode and it was ok to not be ok. That realization stopped all my momentum in one night. I let myself sleep in, rest instead of exercise and eat whatever I wanted. I thought I needed all those things.

As nice as it was to take time for myself, I didn’t realize just how much these new habits were helping me create the life I wanted until I stopped doing them. This past week I’ve been more sluggish, less patient, and not as joyful. Yesterday I told myself I would jump back into those routines, I learned I needed them in my life even in survival mode. But I found it was hard to get started again, the momentum was gone and I’m starting back at ground zero.

The moral of my story is not to be perfect and never mess up, but instead to learn from your mistakes. Life is a journey, we’re not automatically hopeless just because we had a misstep. We can get back up, learn from it, and continue forward.

I learned how much my morning routine stabilized me throughout the day and how taking care of my body gave me joy and confidence. I am not a failure for going off track, I’m a fighter because I choose to pick myself up and start again.

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