School Starts!

This past week we sent Spencer and Max off to kindergarten a week after their older 4 brothers started school. I’m finding I need a new routine to make sure everyone gets their homework done and still have time to enjoy ourselves as a family! When I find a good groove, I’ll let everyone know what it is here. We also had our wedding anniversary this week which is always fun to think back on that day and all that we’ve learned throughout the years. We’re not perfect and still have to work at it, but we’ve come a long way and are still in love so I’m going to count us blessed! And we ended the week off with family celebration our new little baby Peter! Because of all this I’m reminded again and again how important family is and even if it’s hard work, it’s all worth it. Also when life gets hard, take a deep breath and hold on because there’s usually something good around the corner! Here’s what I’ve been posting over on Instagram this week!

Since I just stopped off #5 and #6 to kindergarten I thought I’d answer a question from yesterday about how we do school. Our kids go to our fantastic local public elementary school, and we couldn’t be happier with it. It’s what is best for our family right now, but I have many educator friends who homeschool or have their kids in charter or private schools. Whatever is best for the child and family is best!  I’m an elementary teacher and so was my mom and maybe that’s why I have a soft spot for the public school system.

Today was one of *those* days. Yesterday was good; I got stuff done, I was on top of things, I felt joy… Today I cried, prayed for guidance and help, and then muddled through. And while I know my emotions are stronger because I’m exhausted and the pregnancy hormones are still hanging around, it doesn’t make them easier to cope with. So until tomorrow when I’m hopefully more rested and have a better perspective on life, I’m just going to stare at nature and let it calm me. (And maybe chocolate will be involved)

This morning I’m reminded that there is always another chance for joy. Yesterday was rough and I  couldn’t feel the joy my kids brought. This morning with the sun shining through the windows and my “cook cooks” making me “chip cake” I feel it. Life is good. Sometimes you just have to wait out a storm to see it properly!

Happy 11 years to us! I could write a huge long post about why he’s so amazing and why I think we are able to do what we do but I want to get back to spending time with him, so I’ll just say this. I love you sweetheart! Thanks for choosing me and our family every. single. day.

Jacob gave our little Peter a name and a blessing at church this morning! Being surrounded by our families today reminded me yet again why we do what we do. All the pain, patience and sleep lost, tears, and financial setbacks, are all worth each of these sweet faces. Family is EVERYTHING! Whether your family is large or small, grown or little, blood related or chosen, they are what makes life bearable and enjoyable. And I feel so grateful to have the best family around!

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