Wallet Combs

I had an occasion where I needed a comb, didn’t have one, but did have a 3D printer available, why bother buying a comb when you can make one instead.

Bad First Impressions

When I look back, it is a wonder that Cassanda and I got married at all. Turns out, I don’t always make a good first impression, or second, or third, you get the idea.

Finding a Solution to Kids Flooding the Backyard

Remember those times when you walk out into the swamp in your backyard. You get up in the morning and walk into the kitchen to the sound of the water on somewhere, except that somewhere is in the backyard, and you don’t know how long the water has been on. I’ve found a simple solution.

Surviving Anxiety

I thought, I’m fine, I can handle it, until the suicidal thoughts began.  I mainly felt that I needed to get away from everyone, so as not to be a burden on them, I thought that if I could go out into the wilderness somewhere, that everyone would be free from my presence and then they could all be happy.  When not in a depressed state, that seems silly, but when you are depressed, it is very real.

Mind over Matter

So here I am, caught in a mind battle. The wish to be grateful, patient, and peaceful mixed with the raw emotions of wanting my outward appearance to match how I see myself in my head.