Finding a Solution to Kids Flooding the Backyard

Remember those times when you walk out into the swamp in your backyard.  You get up in the morning and walk into the kitchen to the sound of the water on somewhere, except that somewhere is in the backyard, and you don’t know how long the water has been on.  That is what we were dealing with having a bunch of little boys, common yard flooding, fortunately unlike some of our friends, it didn’t result in basement flooding.

I figured out an easy solution, take the handle off of the hose faucet, and then the boys can’t turn it on.  It worked great, until I realized that my garden was dying because I didn’t want to go hunt down a handle every time I needed to turn on the water. 

So I figured out a solution to that, cut off the end of one of the handles, attach a small eyed bolt, and keep it on my keychain.  It was a little bulky, but otherwise worked great.  I was showing this solution to a friend when he suggested that it be manufactured and sold, which I hadn’t thought about until then, which is odd for a product designer.

Along came the hose spigot water key.  I now have a non-bulky version which sell on Amazon and fits the Woodford Outdoor Hose Faucets.  Here is to no more yard flooding, and no basement flooding, at least from the hose faucet.

If you feel so inclined, you can buy it here .

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