As our business has changed over the past year I often go back to remind myself why.  Why did we start this business, what is the purpose?  I think when we go in any significant direction in our lives, we should be asking why.  Why am I choosing to go to college, why am I getting married, why are we having kids, etc.  The purpose of asking why is 2-fold, first, to make sure you are doing the right things for the right reason, and second, to guide your path forward.

So why, why did we start this business?  The primary reason we started this business is to help others.  This comes in many forms, but I primarily hope that this happens through the products that I am able to design and create.  For example, the reason behind the garbage disposal switch is to bring peace of mind to those who use it, as it has done for Cassanda and me.

Whenever I am looking at a new path, or a new product, I question myself, will this be a way to help others.  If it is, I am much more likely to pursue it. 

I have found through my life that there are many ways to help, and almost every profession can be focused on that goal.  However, when we lose sight of the goal, our effectiveness suffers as a result.  What is your why and how do you make sure that you are staying true to it?

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