Growing Together with Tangible e-Commerce School

Throughout life, when you want to grow, as a person, a family, or a company, you need to be continually learning.  Especially in this day of constant technological advances, if you’re not learning, then you are falling behind.  Over the past several weeks, I have had a great opportunity to learn and grow my business by attending the Tangible e-Commerce School (, here in Lehi, Utah.  Tangible is a 10-week course that uses guest instructors from many disciplines to guide business owners (primarily e-commerce businesses) in many aspects of building their businesses, from how to get a product designed and produced, to marketing and sales, to video creation and idea generation, there is a little of everything here.  It has also been great for networking and learning from many different people with different ideas and viewpoints. 

Over the few months, I have thought often about how each of us has something different to offer the world, I am convinced that there is no one person in this world that is better than me at everything, and likewise, there is no one person in the world that I am better than at everything.  We all have a unique set of talents, interests, and skills that set us apart from everyone else, whether those are in business, care giving, teaching, music, sports, etc.  Like I have learned from Tangible, we need to join with those who we can both teach and learn from.  It is only then that we can all grow together.

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