Don’t Wait to Enjoy Life

6 years ago I was in my last trimester with my second set of twins. I was so big, so uncomfortable, and in so much pain. I was also taking care of a 4 yr old, a 3 yr old, and twin 17 month olds, and trying to help my husband the best I could with a very overwhelming job. Life was hard, and I often look back at that time to realize that we can do hard things and come out stronger for it.

I realized recently that if I could’ve seen our family now back then, done being pregnant and Jacob working for himself, I would’ve thought life has calmed down. These were big goals in our life, so now that we reached them we made it right!? Life’s a breeze now!

Or not. Life is not a breeze, but is hard in different ways. The more life I live the more I realize life will never get easy. Why did I ever think it would!?!?

My focus now, when I want to sit and complain about the hard, is to instead look for the parts to enjoy in my day. Like these two “twinners” who followed each other around all day playing so well with each other.

Or when Lily came to me and said, “I crying,” and gave me a fake cry. I asked why she was crying and she said, “cause,” and walked away. These moments are fleeting and I need to make sure to remember them because I know all too well this hard time will fade into the next and I won’t be left with anymore adorable toddlers that make me smile!

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