As the Year Ends

It was nice to get back into the swing of things a bit today.  With Cassanda and I both sick this week, her a day before and me a day after Christmas, it is nice to mostly have that behind us.  Since it is the end of the year, I thought it would be interesting, at least to me to list out everything that has happened for us this year, so I tried and quickly decided that it was in fact not that interesting.  Instead, I have decided to add in the Christmas letter that we sent, just yesterday, to family and friends.   

“Family and Friends,

Here I am on Christmas Day, having written this letter weeks ago, now finishing it off.  Why?  Because due to some changes in how Sam’s Club does their Christmas cards now, what should have been a few days, turned into several weeks of waiting, followed by Sam’s club losing our Christmas cards.  Even Cassanda crying on the phone to Sam’s Club, because given the cute kids nativity picture, see attached, this was the year that she most wanted to send out Christmas cards early, was not sufficient to speed up the process.  She told me that at one point when she was crying during her call to Sam’s Club, the gentleman on the phone told her to take a deep breath, that it was going to be OK.  Eventually, another week or so waiting for led us to picking up Christmas cards on Christmas Eve, thus the late arrival of this, the best Christmas card of our generation.

This year has flown by at a snail’s pace. There have been many changes in the lives of our family, so here go the details. Given the connection we have on social media, this letter seems superfluous, however I like writing it, so feel free to not read, which you may have already done.

Jacob started a new business “Morrise Products” at the beginning of the year. He has several things he designed selling on Amazon and has been working on several other projects besides. He is still serving with the Deacons and is also a Capstone Coach at BYU now, if you don’t know what that is, just image him sitting on the top of a building all day encouraging the most elevated stone of the structure to keep on keeping on.

Cassanda has continued the tradition of having another baby. This makes 10, that we know of. She is still serving as a Relief Society teacher and is still doing a great job at Relief Society teaching. We all love her around here, even if she mostly gets accused of lying because we didn’t get a snack at 12:05 like we claim she promised.

Steven and Christopher have enjoyed the 3rd and 5th grades, reverse respectively. They both do well in school and still love Poke a man, even though I don’t think they have ever actually played the game. They are getting pretty good at sports and Jacob has started to play catch and other sport like games with them, which he is pleased to say they are quite good at.

William and Ryan are in different 2nd grade classes at school this year. It seems to be good for them to have a bit of a different life. William’s teacher told us that one of the girls in her class asked her why William was in the other class now. It must be nice that they know people now that don’t know they are a twin. They really are growing up fast.

Max and Spencer started kindergarten and they are in the same class. They seem to be doing pretty well and don’t seem to be annoying each other quite as much as they do at home. Those 2 are like peanut butter and jelly, they make a terrific sandwich but aren’t really the same fruit.

Thomas and Henry are still best friends, (side note: they were best friends a few weeks ago, but that has since changed, according to them) when they aren’t kicking each other that is. Thomas can give some of the cutest faces known to Morrise kind, and Henry is still Mr. Independent, we changed his name in August.

Lily and Peter are the cutest little boy and girl you ever did see, assuming you have seen them. Lily likes to scream at everyone if they are mean and do things like touch her. Peter evens it out by being a quiet, easy going kid. He has been such a blessing to our family. Lily spent the months before Peter came in a cast after breaking her femur, but don’t worry she is happy and able to run around everywhere now.  (Second side note: Lily has also since taken a ride by ambulance to the ER after taking a drink of one of my chemical).

Along with the business, we started a blog and even made it on KSL with our crazy cool family. Most days are spent longing for sleep and enjoying the messes the boys make for us.

With love and aptitude,

Jacob, Cassanda, Steven, Christopher, William, Ryan, Spencer, Max, Thomas, Henry, Lily, or Peter, you decide”

Thank you all for supporting us so far with this blog and our 10kidsin10years adventure.  Here is to a fun, exciting and prosperous 2020.  May the Lord bless you all.

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  1. “Let’s go capstones! Keep holding your place on that building!”

    “Continued the tradition of having a baby” (ha ha)

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