In Sickness and in Health

While this phrase was not a part of our wedding, the sickness part seems to be more prevalent than the health when it comes to our family.  With 12 in our family, it seems very rare that no one has at least a cold at any given time.  We often miss out on things because there is someone in our family that is sick and we don’t want to risk the health of those we will be with.

For me, it seems that I am always battling some health concern, not major, but definitely inconvenient.  I have had a multitude of health issues including: Anxiety, Depression, Acid Reflux, Restless Leg Syndrome, Chronic Anal Fissure, Extreme Exhaustion, Chronic Strep Throat, and Kyphosis.  And that is just me.  Cassanda tends to spend a lot of time at the doctor’s as well, but generally this has to do with having lots of babies.  She does get her other moments too, generally these occur when there is some “down time” and her body has a chance to “relax.”

Other than our glorious trips to the ER with Lily this year, this year has actually been pretty good in comparison.  For example, a few years ago, we realized that we averaged 2-3 trips to the doctors per week, for the entire year.  That same year, we went to church as a whole family far fewer times than we went together. Last year we had the day from heck, yes I just said it that way, when in just a few hours each one of us, except Ryan, one of the identical twins, who had done so the day before, threw up.  Talk about the sick helping the sick.

Through all of this seemingly constant illness, Cassanda just continues along with very little complaint, and if anyone deserves to complain, she does.  While I always appreciate my lovely wife, I generally appreciate her even more when I am laid up in bed and she is tending to the needs of 10 kids, me, and her own basic survival requirement.

What have been some of the difficult sickness times you have had in your family, and how did you make it through without exploding?

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