How I Stay Sane Taking Care of 10 kids

Every mother struggles with the balance of giving her all to her family but still saving some for herself. I’m grateful everyday that I’m able to have the mental and emotional capability to take care of my 10 kids day in and day out! Here’s what I do to help keep that balance in my life.

First, we have quiet time religiously at our house. For an hour or two (or more if I can swing it!) In the middle of the day I can take a nap, watch a show, read a book, take a shower, or sit and meditate; anything to help me feel like myself. When we skip it for whatever reason, I’m less patient and caring towards my family. For me, it’s essential to being the best mom I can be! While I’m having my me time, the younger kids are taking a nap and the older ones are watching a show. We don’t have a lot of screen time in our home, so this time of the day is exciting for them.

I also find myself going to the bathroom regularly during the day. Sometimes yes I do need to go, but often times my mind needs a break. I need to sit in silence, calm down, or again take a few minutes to find Cassanda amidst being mom. My kids know if they can’t find me, I’m probably in the bathroom. It’s handy there’s a lock if I really need a time out or it’s just out of sight enough my kids don’t come to me with every little problem. I know some moms love their closets or pantry for a moment’s peace, mine is the bathroom.

Now those happen every day, but there’s a few other things I try to do throughout the week as well. I’ve found I’m better if I get up before the kids; pray, read my scriptures, and exercise. But right now for instance, my body’s still recovering from pregnancy and newborn life so sleep is still very much needed! I don’t get up as early, but I still stay in my room and read scriptures before meeting my adorable children in the morning. And if I can, I will exercise at home amid screaming and playing children after the big kids go to school, just a small way to put myself first for a second. One day I hope to do all three every morning!

And in a perfect world I would take one night a week and do something for myself: go shopping alone, crafting, or visit with friends. Unfortunately life gets busy and that’s not always an option, but Jacob’s always really good about encouraging me to make time for myself as much as I can.

And if I do those things and am still struggling along, I know what calms my soul: nature, music, reading to my kids, simply opening up the windows. Whether it’s a long stretch of time or short bursts or both, I highly suggest taking time for yourself. Do whatever makes sense for your life and situation, but you’ll never regret taking a few moments to mentally and physically give yourself a break through the day!

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  1. Opening up the windows is great this time of year. Also, thanks for the “real life” pic of a crier in the background and a sippie on the floor!!!

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