Pantry Organization on a Budget

Eek! Does anyone else gets huge satisfaction from organizing something? Especially something   you use every day!?

A couple years ago I organized my pantry and it desperately needed it again! I’ve been watching other people organize theirs and knew I wanted containers to keep everything you use together, for everything to have a place, and to look nice.

I’m not sure if you’re aware but we have 10 kids and my husband is starting a business, so money is tight and organizing the pantry is not important enough for us to spend hundreds of dollars on organizers!

Cue the dollar store! I bought 16 of these dish pan containers and they worked great! I took everything out of the pantry and placed them right into the containers I wanted them in. I wiped the shelves and put everything back!

The whole process was only about 2 hours with a little help from my kids. I asked my oldest if I should label the totes and he said, “No, let’s just be done!” So we are, but it would be so easy to do that for a little extra something. Now if we can only keep it this clean!

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