The Secret to Motherhood

I couldn’t help take a picture with Peter just like the one I took with Steven 10 years ago. A decade of mothering (growing babies, delivering those babies, and putting those babies’ needs ahead of my own) span these two pictures.

I love that 2009 version of myself. She was kind and hard working, but had this image in her head of what a mother looked like and felt like. She thought a good mom did ALL the things with a happy heart and she tried and failed at that. I love her for trying to be her best though.

I love this 2019 version of myself. She is kinder, to others and herself. She works harder than she ever has in her life. But she’s let go of *most* of that image in her head of what a good mother looks and feels like. She also tries and fails as she attempts to do her best, but she knows the joy is in the process. The joy is in the people that surround her. The joy of motherhood is in the imperfect moments just as much as it’s in the perfect ones. She understands the secret to a good mom is love, everything else is great and can come in different forms. But love is the only thing that really matters.

I pray that you also know how great of a mom you all are. All the extras are good and great but mean nothing if they replace the love.

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