Bath Time with 10 Kids

Bath time with kids. Something so seemingly easy, yet so dang hard!We’re coming out of survival mode so for a while out of necessity, we only bathed our kids once a week. Now we bath them every few days, usually at night except Sundays, and are getting down a good routine. It only takes us 15 minutes if we’re in a hurry or up to an hour if we’ve got time and they want to play.

We have two bathrooms upstairs with shower tubs that we use when bathing our kids. The kids split up in groups of 2 or 3, depending on who they are playing with at the moment, and hop into a tub. I’ll usually start the bath and stay in the room and watch over the youngest kids, anyone under 3, and help those kids wash themselves. Once I get the littles out and dressed from one tub I’ll head over to the other and see if they need any help washing themselves. Once everyone in the tub is washed and has played for 5-10 minutes, depending on how much time we have, they’ll get out and the rest of the kids will get in. We usually do 3 rounds of 2 or 3 in the tub with one or two taking showers before or after the baths. I bath our little babies in the kitchen sink until they are big enough to sit in the tub without me worrying they’ll tip over backwards.

My top 3 tips for bath time are:

  1. Try having “fun baths” where you put in bubbles, often I’ll put a little dish soap, and just let them play. They are getting clean and not even knowing it because they’re having fun!
  2. Don’t buy bath toys, those rubber duckys can get gross. I let them play with their regular toys instead, cars and Legos are great for this. Just rinse them off after they get out and let them dry!
  3. Clean the bathroom while your kids are taking a bath, you’re in there anyway might as well wash down the sink, toilet, and floor while you’re waiting!

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