Brother to 9

My name is Steven Morrise, and I am a brother to 9 kids. I am also the oldest, in fifth grade, and 10 years old.  It may seem hard and it is sometimes, but most of the time it is pretty easy. We go swimming sometimes and do fun things as a family.  There are lots of people to play with most of the time, but the hard part is when we’re cleaning and I’m doing all the work except for a few people, and when my little brothers mainly Henry and Thomas eat my food.  When my baby brother was born I was happy because I could finally say, for about a month, that I was nine with nine siblings.  Those are some of the privileges and disadvantages of being a brother of 9.           

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  1. Steven, you are my hero! I am also the oldest of 10, but I was 14 years old when my youngest brother was born. You’ve got me beat by 4 years! I can tell that you have been a wonderful help to your parents and a great example for your brothers and sister. You are amazing!

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