We Couldn’t Do It, So We Did It

Cassanda wrote a couple of months ago about when we first found out we were going to have twins.  Here is my perspective of the occasion.

When we had our first set of twins, Steven had just turned 3 and Christopher was 1.  Cassanda had spent the last 11 weeks on “don’t do more than you have to” orders from the doctor, which included things like not sweeping or vacuuming, so I had been doing more than usual around the house, and I had been pretty anxious up to that point as well.  And Cassanda was coming off of being pregnant, with fairly large twins.

At night we would get up together 2-3 times to each feed one of the babies.  After a few weeks in this zombie mode, Cassanda sat me down and said something like this, “Jacob, I’m not going to make it.  I can’t do this anymore, I really need more help from you.”  I thought for a second and responded, “Cassanda, I would love to help more, but I have absolutely nothing left.”

So here we were, 2 people who had no energy left and just couldn’t continue, so what did we decided to do, we decided to continue, because we had to.  The fact that you are reading this means that we made it through.  When you are giving it your all and your all in not enough, Heavenly Father can step in and tip the scales just a little bit in your favor. 

People often ask us how we do it, how can we raise and take care of 10 young kids and my favorite answer to them is “no choice.”  Of course there is another choice, but when it comes to family the only real choice is them.

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