Garbage Disposal Switch Cover or Automatic Anxiety Reducer

Ever since I was a young lad, I have been terrified of the garbage disposal, especially when I had to put my hand down it to fish something out.  Here is this muncher built right into the kitchen sink designed specifically to chop up my hand, what isn’t safe about that?

Unfortunately, I found as I started having kids that the terror did not go away, but rather intensified.  What if one of my kids turns on the garbage disposal and then sticks their hand into the sink?  I was able to find a security light switch covers from eBay, that are no longer manufactured by the way, and that brought some relief, however, I wanted to have a solution that would also shut the disposal off automatically.

My first prototype did just that, but it only did that.  Cassanda told me that it was a no go unless the switch had a lock on it.  After a few more designs I had a solution, an easy to install switch cover that has a lock preventing kids from turning on the garbage disposal and automatically shuts-off when the switch is released.

I made a prototype and installed at our sink, but I would remove it occasionally to show it off to various people.  Cassanda didn’t appreciate these times when I would leave the switch vulnerable, and let me know on several occasions.  Fortunately, we now have many units, so I don’t need to remove the one at the sink anymore.  More fortunately, I now have much more peace of mind at the sink than I once did, even when toddlers are climbing all over the counter.

If you’d like a little less anxiety in your life, feel free to buy the “Automatic Anxiety Reducer,” maybe that is what I should call it, on Amazon here.

What products, like the disposal, terrify you? Let me know so I can create something to relieve your anxieties.

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