Wallet Combs

When I was little, I remember that if we ever needed a comb when we were out and about, my dad always had one sticking out of his wallet in his back pocket.  This was the way of things.  As I got older, I started keeping a comb in my wallet in my back pocket as well.  This process was not as necessary for me when I met Cassanda and learned that she doesn’t really like when I comb my hair, strange I know, and likes my hair cut short, so I didn’t have much use for a comb.

There are times when I get lazy and let me hair grow long, as a side note, I cut my own hair, and the boys, and occasionally Cassanda’s.  During these times, my hair looks much worse than normal when it is uncombed.  I had an occasion where I needed a comb, didn’t have one, but did have a 3D printer available, why bother buying a comb when you can make one instead.  And I had this marginally brilliant idea, the kind that is nice, but doesn’t save lives, why not make a comb that can fit in a wallet like my dad had, but actually fits.  Thus the Morrise Products Credit Card Size Comb was made, or MPCCSC for short and weird.

We have been selling this on Amazon for the past few months and sold a few.  I have tried to get it into other stores like Walmart, but have found the process very hard for a small business.  If you would like to support the cause of well-groomed hair, or beards for that matter, on the go, feel free to buy a 3 pack here.

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